About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a PhD researcher at The University of Sheffield, researching culture and regeneration in Manchester, and now residing in Cardiff (it’s been a complicated year or so).

Like many in Sheffield’s Department of Town and Regional Planning, I would definitely say I’m not a planner – the closest approximation I’ve come up with to date is that I’m a Geographer studying Culture and Urban Regeneration in a Planning department (having gained a BA in Geography and an MA in Urban Regeneration and Development from The University of Manchester). My PhD research considers how cultural events represent their host cities, using Manchester and the Manchester International Festival as an in-depth case study, and is a continuation of sorts of the MA dissertation I completed in 2010. In amongst this research I have taught on Development Planning and Urban Design modules in Sheffield, and helped to coordinate the department’s Postgraduate Research Conference.

City Awakenings is a space where I can share some of my research, as well as some musings on cities, culture, architecture, social media, and dealing with the messy process of doing a PhD. If you’d like to get in touch, email me at hannah.bayfield@sheffield.ac.uk or tweet me @HBayfield


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