An Apology

So it’s been rather a long while since I posted on here, despite my best intentions. Do I have excuses? Of course. Do any of them really matter? Probably not. I feel that a particular barrier in writing on here has been not knowing whether anything I could write down would be of any interest to anyone. Both Athene Donald and Martin Austwick have written sensibly and eloquently of this ‘imposter syndrome’, and whilst I read their articles when they were posted towards the start of 2012, I perhaps didn’t realise how I was affected by them.

The feeling that you don’t belong and one day you will be Found Out? Well I’m in a Town Planning department studying culture and representation, so, check. The tendency to over-estimate the abilities of others and under-estimate one’s own? Check.

IMG_0422It’s not only these reasons that put up a kind of mental barrier to using this blog (there was the small matter of the upgrade process, which seemed to take over my very being for too many months), but they certainly contribute to the feeling that if I were to write more, then more people would figure out that really, I shouldn’t be here. For now, though, I intend on ignoring this concern. So you can expect more posts musing on culture, architecture, and the two cities I have been lucky enough to call home over the past decade – Manchester and Sheffield.


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